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CV Pistons

LFO ensemble


  • • 8 LFOs
  • • with shared waveforms
  • • which breathe together

8 LFOs with shared waveforms which breathe together. This is CV Pistons
in a nutshell.
The first thing to mention is the adjustable waveform. Using only a few parameters we can easily create triangles, ramps and squares, but also curved waveforms such as sines or exponential or logarithmic curves and also anything between these.
CV Pistons has 8 LFOs, the frequency of each LFO being based on a common fundamental/base frequency. This fundamental/base frequency can be synced to our song, or alternatively set freely in a very wide range.
Each LFO has a multiplier and a divider (a rational multiplier with a numerator and a denominator) used to set the relative frequency of the LFO. This enables the creation of harmonic or subharmonic or even other polyrhythmic frequency series.
You may have noticed the negative numbers in the numerator. Negative frequency is usually nonsense, but here it means the oscillator is working/reading the waveform backward.
The manipulation possibilities do not end here. You also can also modify the phase and the frequency continuously using the spread controls. Using one knob you can shift the phases of the LFOs more and more (or less and less), or you can set the speed faster and faster (or slower and slower).
Each control on CV Pistons has immediate effect with no parameter interpolation applied resulting in smoother operation. This allows you to get really weird with this device. But what if the result is too strange? Well, this is why we added a low pass filter for the LFOs. With the filter you can control the smoothness of the result. This filter is the same as a low pass filter but with the addition of a resonance control.
Returning now to the LFOs. Each LFO has an attenuverter for scaling and inverting the signal as required.
Finally, each LFO has a bipolar and an unipolar output. We also have a pair of mixed outputs, where the mix is based on the attenuverters of the LFOs.

Also available in the CV Tool Bundle.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible