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Bezier Dynamics

Bézier Dynamics


  • • Easy controlled Bézier curves wave shaper
  • • Three stages distortion unit

Bézier Dynamics (BZD) is a wave shaper completed by a three stages distortion unit.

Bézier curves

BZD uses Bézier curves to model scalable smooth curves depending on two parameters : a split point and a shape.

These Bézier curves have been specially designed to transform audio signals in two ways :

  • the blue ones (left side of shape knob), increase low volume signals and limit high volume signals (wave compressor like)
  • the red ones (right side of shape knob), decrease low volume signals and increase high volume signals (wave expander like)

A special distortion unit has been designed and integrated after the Bézier shaping. This distortion unit is driven by a pre-amplifier. It is composed of three distortion stages : a tape like distortion carefully developed to simulate analog components, followed by two classical smooth distortions.

This combination of Bézier wave shaper and distortion unit brings all the character of BZD. It can “compress” or “expand” the audio wave with a slight or strong distortion. The split point drives the amount of compressed or expanded part of the wave. BZD has been coded to reduce CPU usage. But if you want to further reduce CPU usage, you can switch BZD in Low Resolution.

In Low Resolution mode, the Bézier curves are approximated and the tape like distortion is replaced by a classical smooth distortion.

This is also a way to change the sound of BZD, you can try it !

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible