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CB-2 Circuit-Bent Drums Synthesizer

Circuit-Bent Drums

Meeker FX

  • • drum samples from circuit-bent instruments
  • • flexible parameters and effects
  • • expertly crafted patches and sound design

Audio examples

Circuit-Bending is the creative, chance-based customization of the circuits within electronic devices to create new musical or visual instruments and sound generators.
The CB-2 was born from two classic vintage instruments, Casio SK-1 and an Alesis HR-16, taken into the lab and circuit-bent. They were opened up, adding switches, hard wiring new controls that altered them into monsters. Once completed, they were multi-sampled into tube mic preamps. The switches and knobs caused the instruments to produce new textures, drones and multi-sampled pitches. The drum sounds that were produced were analyzed, mapped, tuned, and looped to create new, more flexible instruments in the digital realm. Synthesis was added: an AMP envelope, a Modulation envelope, 3 types of Filters, a Low Frequency Oscillator, and an effects engine with compression, distortion, chorus, delay, and reverb.
The CB-2 comes with over 100 patches and combinators in a range of sound design to create music ranging from moody 80s soundtrack, video game chip, dubstep grime, afro funk, or anything in-between.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible