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Combo X-705 Space Organ

Organ/Synth Hybrid

Jiggery-Pokery Sound

  • • Lovely String Ensemble and Hammond Clone
  • • Spacey Synthesizer Presets
  • • Strong Magnetic Fields

Audio examples

As the 1970s were about to give way to the synthpop era of the 1980s, and the hefty organs of old finally gave way to stacks of lightweight plastic synthezisers—thus saving the backs of roadies the world over—Italian keyboard-maker Elka introduced what is undoubtedly the last of the classic transistor organs: the magnificent X~705 Space Organ!

Featuring a full 9-drawbar Hammond clone plus five percussion footages, it featured a bass section, polyphonic brass and monophonic synth presets, with envelope and a resonant filter, an old-skool drum machine and most importantly, Elka’s fabulous top-of-the-range Rhapsody 610 String Ensemble, one of the finest, smoothest sounding string machines ever made. And it was a dual manual, so it had two of them!

Exclusive to Reason, this new addition to Jiggery-Pokery’s highly regarded Retro Organs collection brings all these great 70s tones to your Rack at the touch of a button, and without the need to engage a pair of broad-shouldered roadies and a large van to move it from gig to gig.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible