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CV Pad

CV control


  • • Large touch control pad
  • • Both humanized or smooth CV curves
  • • Multiple outs, Crossfading function

Large CV Pad for two dimensional touch control of sounds using finger or mouse.
With a fader or knob only one independent parameter can be controlled at any one time. With CV Pad you can now ake control over two.
CV Pad’s large surface allows for even easier tuning of your sound and yes,it also works
on touch screens

But it doesn’t stop there. In addition to the moveable cursor there is also satellite point which follows its movement in different modes. This point can be added to the output of CV Pad giving modulation of the first signal. The satellite point can be set to smoothly follow the control point or to behave like a spring, with it’s movement tuned by a number of parameters.
The range parameter sets a boundary within which the satellite point can bounce around. In the curious warp mode, this point wraps to the opposite side of the boundary.
4 CV inputs give the possiblity for modulating the parameters of the satellite point’s behaviour, or to alter the output values in a number of other ways.
The 4 CV output are configurable in many ways. For example the value could be defined by the position on the X or Y axis or perhaps the distance from the center or by a particular angle etc.
Crossfading between two incoming CV values to the X or Y axis is also possible.
And guess what? With this device it is even possible to crossfade between 4 CV values at same time? Awesome huh? :)

For the CV crossfading the CV In 1 and 2 are used for horizontal crossfading, and CV 3 and 4 vertical fading. CV In 1,2,3 and 4 for will be used for the quad fading.

(Honestly, I love this device myself and can say it will be one of the most important utilities of my own personal sound designing arsenal )

Also available in the CV Tool Bundle.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible