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CV Ranger

CV scaler


  • • CV scaler
  • • CV stretcher/shrinker
  • • CV cutter/clamper

CV Ranger is based on a very simple idea.
The user first clamps the input value to a defined input range using the first two knobs on the front panel. Then, with next two knobs, stretches or shrinks this value to the selected output range. Further to this the signal can also be inverted.

CV Ranger can be used as a bipolar/unipolar converter and vice versa, but also as a special CV sculpturing tool.
The four knobs are fully automatable allowing for really interesting results.
Each CV output is clamped to the range -1 to +1.
This simple and surprisingly creative module is recommended for every CV magician!

Also available in the CV Tool Bundle.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible