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CV Shades

Advanced CV mixer


  • • CV source
  • • CV attenuator/attenuverter/modulator
  • • CV mixer

CV Shades is inspired by the attenuators and mixers often found in eurorack modules.
When no inputs are connected the device functions as a simple CV source with 4 seperate values. The big knobs on the front panel are used to set the voltage of the output Cvs.
When input CV is connected to a channel the big knob attenuates (or attenuverts, if the setting is less than 0) the incoming value.
Outputs are chained as they are on many devices in the eurorack world. If an output jack is left unconnected then the incoming CV Signal will be mixed to the next output channel in the chain. In other word, if only the 4th output is connected, then this output will be the mix of the all 4 channels.
Each channel can be modulated/modified using the dedicated mod CVs. The small knobs are used to set the modification amount.
When the mode knobs of the channel shows a + sign, then the mod value is added to the signal.
When the mode knobs of the channel shows an X sign, then the signal will be multiplied by the mod value.
Each CV output is clamped to the range -1 to +1.
Simple and very versatile module. Recommanded for every CV magician!

Also available in the CV Tool Bundle.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible