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Directre Audio Router

Directre Audio Router


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Directre Audio Router is a utility device with synchronized audio switching capabilities designed to be a control center for real-time performance applications.

Product details

DIRECTRE can function as either a 1x8 splitter device or as an 8x1 summing bus. In addition to the quantized switch capabilities, the switch can be adjusted to fade in and fade out with a touch of a button.

Route various music and drum loop sources through Directre and with a press of a button, cue up parts to start playing at the beginning of the next measure, or set the Quantize setting to 1/8th notes and start chopping up loops by quickly tapping out cuts on a keyboard.

Directre is also designed to function as the bookends of a parallel effects chain. On one end you have a stereo signal split out to multiple FX, and on the other end, you have a summing bus that mixes the processed signals back to stereo. You can then use the Enable Buttons to quickly switch in/out your favorite creative fx chains, or use a MIDI Keyboard to switch between signal routings.


• Eight Channel Summing. • Eight Channel Audio Split/Distribution. • Level Controls with +6dB gain. • Synchronized Audio Muting on Bar, Beat, or 1/8th Note. • Selectable Crossfade Times • Adjustable Fade Time from 0ms to 6 seconds. • Switch CV Outputs that also synchronize to tempo. • MIDI Playability from a Keyboard or Control Surface. • Control Voltage Source that Syncs to Tempo. • Localization support for English, French, German, and Japanese.

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Released: 2013-03-04
Version: 1.0.1