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Alias8 CV Controller

Virtual Control


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Alias8 CV Controller Rack Extension features 16 rotaries, 9 faders, 8 toggle buttons, and 8 momentary buttons, each with dedicated CV output sockets that allow you to directly control other Reason Rack devices or device chains/groups. For those with complex configurations that require dynamic real-time changes, the Alias8 provides a central performance hub for controlling Reason Instruments, Effects, or any device groupings in the Rack. If it can be automated, you can control it with the Alias8.

Product details

The Alias8 CV Controller is inspired by the Livid Instruments Hardware. The idea is to have a Rack Extension visually match a hardware control surface and seamlessly integrate with remote mapping. The physical to virtual bridge between the user and software environment opens new possibilities for real time control with minimal effort. Each of the knobs, faders, and buttons generates a control voltage available at a corresponding jack on the rear panel of the Alias8 rack extension. This can be routed to any CV input socket on other devices in the rack, such as pitch control on a synthesizer, or feedback level on a delay module. The control voltage output values can also be scaled, inverted, or even modified by external CV sources such as an LFO or pattern sequencer.


  • 16 Rotaries with unipolar cv outputs
  • 9 Faders with unipolar and bipolar cv outputs
  • 8 Toggle Switch Buttons with unipolar cv outputs
  • 8 Momentary Buttons with unipolar cv outputs
  • CV Output Scaling
  • 8 assignable CV modulation inputs
  • Custom Mapping for the Livid Alias8 Hardware
  • Remote Override Mapping of all controls
  • Localization support for English, French, German, and Japanese

Control Surface Integration

The Alias8 Rack Extension is designed to integrate seamlessly with the Livid Alias8 hardware controller. We have collaborated closely with the Livid developers to simplify the user experience in an intelligent manner when used in conjunction with the "physical" Alias8. Please visit the Livid Instruments website for more information:

Livid Instruments Alias8 Controller

Alias8 Remote Support Pages

For the Operation Manual and example files, follow the Product Support link below



Released: 2014-01-08
Version: 1.0.1