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Distortion Chain

Distortion Multi Fx

That Music Company

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1.5 Update Available

The Distort Chain is a distortion effect that chains multiple effect modules to produce harsh distorted audio. The effects are modeled after analog hardware. Each effect is equipped with parallel audio outputs, CV controls, optional audio routing, patch saving with 128+ patches in all. The Distort Chain is best for bass, percussion, leads, and pads.

Product details

Distort Chain now comes free with copy of Reason.

1.5.7 Update Available

  • Fixed widening patches, added Items folder and other assorted patches.

1.5.6 Update

  • VU Meters
  • Tape Delay
  • 6 Phaser
  • New Distortion
  • Panning for each FX
  • LFO Display

This is the Distort Chain from ThatMusicCompany. It is the first plug-in from us, designed specifically for the Reason Rack Extension. The Distort Chain is an analog distortion plug-in which consists of smooth Bit Crushers, warm Distortion effects, mono/stereo Ring Modulators, topping it off with high-quality, analog-modeled Low Pass, and High Pass Filters. It's VU meters display accurate input and output, while its LFO display lets you control every variable. Its uniqueness is branded in its deep emulation of warm analog, chaining three effects one into another. It's also STILL incredibly CPU friendly.

There are 10 effects in total, each effect has two parameters that control certain aspects of the sound, from amplifying and warming the sound, to tremolo and EQ. Each effect comes with stereo-parallel output, CV-In controls for each parameter, and different volume modes for if you take advantage of parallel outputs.

Key Effects:

  • Analog Distort
  • Smooth Bit Crush
  • Harsh Ring Mod
  • High Pass Filter (Modeled w/Air Pressure)
  • Low Pass Filter (Modeled w/Air Pressure)
  • Fuzz Distort
  • Tape Delay
  • 6-Point Analog Phaser

(Air Pressure Modeled) - To properly emulate analog hardware, we went the extra step to emulate the air pressure certain frequencies would produce. This can be used to boost bass in kicks and bass. The filters gives a perfect EQ'ed distortion that your audio can sometimes require. Try it out by turning up the resonance knob (parameter 2 on HPF and LPF).


You can always download a trial demo of the Distort Chain. However if you prefer listening to more demos, please follow us on SoundCloud.

Manual will be available to download from the product page soon.



Released: 2015-11-04
Version: 1.5.7