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T2 Phaser

Distortion Phaser Fx

That Music Company

  • • Phaser
  • • Overdrive
  • • Filter

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Version 1.4.5 Avaliable

This is the T2 Phaser from ThatMusicCompany. Equipped with 96 phasers for mono, 48 for stereo channels. It's the most powerful and CPU friendly Rack Extension phaser yet.

Product details

T2 Phaser now comes free with copy of Reason.

The T2 Phaser is a high quality analog-modeled plug-in with unique distortion features that gives your audio some width and depth. Armed with 92 phasers, 48 for each channel, this phaser is cheap on CPU and incredible for mono sounds, as well as stereo sounds. Its uniqueness comes in its deep emulating analog phaser configurations, along with a re-modelled distortion effect and warm air-pressure emulated filter.

Most phasers work in a linear and fixed variable fashion, allowing you to choose a few filtering options and limited cutoff. T2 Phaser allows full control over filtering and removes limited cutoff. Almost everything has CV-in controls, as well as the main phaser being equipped with parallel outputs. The Overdrive and HPF on the RE can be disabled saving CPU power. The Phaser can collapse or even widen your sound due to smooth LFO controls and 14 different LFO waves to choose from.

Version 1.4.5

Update includes: Fix of crash when using Overdrive. Now using 64 bit calculations.

Version 1.4

Update includes: Phaser On/Off Button, LFO Meters, Frequency Meters, VU Meters, New Soft OD Mode, New HPF Mode.


  • 48 Phasers (96 for mono signals)
  • Analog modeled Overdrive
  • Air Pressure emulated HPF
  • Parallel Phaser Output
  • 14 LFO Waves to choose from


Some songs include the Reason files that can be viewed to see how the RE is equipped. You can always download a trial demo of the T2 Phaser. For more songs and demos, please follow us on SoundCloud.

Manual is available to download from the product website page.



Released: 2017-01-20
Version: 1.4.503