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Efektor DS3603 Distortion

Distortion FX Engine


  • • 5 types of distortion FXs
  • • Modeled from classic pedal FXs
  • • Authentic analog sounding
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There are always demands for more 'gain’; the search for the perfect distortion sound that never ends. DS3603 brings five types of massive amount of gain for demolition.

Product details

KUASSA EFEKTOR is a new line of plug-ins which consists of several of most requested effect units. DS3603 DISTORTION clips the input signal by increasing the signal to maximum overload. Adding musical harmonics and overtones while still maintains the characteristics of the original sound, or not. You choose. For heavy metal guitars or abrasive and pounding industrial drums, seek from five types of distortion:

  • Lead Distortion: ringing mids for screaming leads

  • Heavy Distortion: penetrates from mild to heavy

  • Metal Distortion: dark and thick, the solid metal gear

  • Classic Distortion: singing leads and rockin’ hard

  • Pro Distortion: fat and sharp edge for your tone


  • Five types of distortions in every unit.

  • Gain, Tone, and Output volume controls.

  • Bypass switch button

  • Dry-Wet control.

  • Up to 8x oversampling

  • CV inputs for automation

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Released: 2017-09-18
Version: 1.0.5