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Ekssperimental Sounds

  • • Classic siren sounds quick and easy
  • • Multimode with adjustable modulation
  • • Decay and filter functions

Audio examples

EKSSBOX Siren Mk3 is the third Siren box for Reason from Ekssperimental Sounds. The previous two were made as ReFills with the Combinator. This time it’s a fully custom built Rack Extension!

EKSSBOX Siren Mk3 combines set states inspired by the classic NJD siren with trimmers for rate and depth. It has a wave selector for choosing between Saw, Square and Triangular oscillator waveforms. It can be triggered either by the momentary action button, the switch or by keyboard.

When KBD mode is active the LFO will reset at each new trig and the pitch will scale along the keyboard, just like a synthesizer! The decay knob can add a decaying tail to the signal and the filter will cut low end to avoid rumble when played on big speaker boxes.

EKSSBOX Siren Mk3 also has a special mode; “Mode 6”- which is a Synare like effect. Pitch, rate and depth controls still works the same but the wave selector changes to choose between modulation waveform of the LFO, and the filter changes to set the base pitch of the effect.

EKSSBOX Siren Mk3 supports mod wheel and pitch bend control, Mod Wheel will control the rate of the LFO and Pitch Bend will shift the oscillator base pitch.

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Mac OS compatible Windows compatible