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4 Channel Dub Preamp

4 Channel Dub Preamp

Ekssperimental Sounds

  • • 4 way preamp with individual outputs
  • • Sub generator and saturation FX
  • • Massive sound sculpting capabilities

Audio examples

Roots reggae and dub sound systems traditionally uses a custom built preamp to control the music coming out of their huge stacks of speaker boxes.
These devices are pretty rare and expensive to get hold of - this is why Ekssperimental Sounds developed the 4 Channel Dub Preamp - a software version for use in the Reason rack.

It comes with the traditional kill switches for each channel (Bass, Low mid, High mid and Top), filters and volume of each channel, a 10 band graphic master equalizer and a filter circuit for cutting and/or sweeping effects. With the two line in connections you can connect sirens and other sound effects and with the two sends and returns you can hook up effects like echos and reverb.

The 4 Channel Dub Preamp also features a Sub generator, for those old roots tunes that lack bottom end, and a saturator circuit for adding grit and power to the signal. Use it lightly for a slight boost or aggressively for sound tape like distortion.

Each channel has its own individual output - so you can connect it to the sound interface different outputs and further on to the sub/mid/top power amplifiers or your sound system.
The crossover frequencies can be set by trimmers on the back panel for the ultimate channel separation for your sound system.

Even if it’s designed primarily for sound system use the 4 Channel Dub Preamp can be used on anything in your Reason rack. Hook it up to a guitar and add some sub bass and saturation, to a drum buss for some heavy sound sculpting or the master for some unique character!

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Mac OS compatible Windows compatible