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ES101 Analog Synthesizer

ES101 Synthesizer

Ekssperimental Sounds

  • • VCO, 2OP FM & Dual Mode RM/Sine Oscillator
  • • 2x Wide Range LFOs & 2x Super Snappy Envelopes
  • • Characteristic Raw Analog Sound

Audio examples

Ekssperimental Sounds ES101 is the successor of the popular ES01. It comes with the well know architecture from some all time favourite synthesizers and adds in functions inspired by a vintage drum synthesizer with the 2 OP FM oscillator and a dual mode Ring Modulation / Sine oscillator, all in glorious polyphony!

ES101 features two self resonating VCFs that can be finely tuned and modulated with either the two super snappy envelopes, the two wide range LFOs or with CV signals. The flexible routing system with mod source selectors makes ES101 great for experimental sound design and very easy and fun to use.

The back panel offers multiple CV jacks, trimmers and switches for great control of the inner workings. It also comes with a built in effect bank featuring simple but great sounding FXs that makes it a quick and easy task to create great sounding patches that you can save and load with the Data Bank.

ES101 is great for classic synth sounds, percussion synthesis, gnarly metallic ring modulation sounds, raw and simple FM or a mix of it all. Perfect for synthwave, industrial, EBM, techno and other experimental electronic music.

Ekssperience the sound of the future with a flavor of the past with ES101!

ES101 is part of the ES Synth Bundle - Get ES01, ES101 and ES400 together for a 30% saving!

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible