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ES400 FM Synthesizer

ES400 FM Synthesizer

Ekssperimental Sounds

  • • Fun and easy to use
  • • Powerful Touch Data Programmer
  • • Built in FXs for creative sound design

Audio examples

Discover the power of FM synthesis with ES400!

ES400 FM Synthesizer is a simple but powerful four operator FM synth for the Reason rack.
It focuses on making FM synthesis fun and easy with the main focus on the four envelopes.
The powerful Touch Data Programmer houses all the in depth settings for Operators, LFO and Keys. The built in FXs makes creative sound design a pleasure!

Comes with over 500 pre-programmed patches!

ES400 is part of the ES Synth Bundle - Get ES01, ES101 and ES400 together for a 30% saving!

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible