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Reverb AK11

Algorithmic Spacial FX

Ekssperimental Sounds

  • • 11 Great Sounding Algorithms
  • • Pre-Delay with Feedback & CV input
  • • Multimode Pre-FX incl. Chorus, Flanger & Phaser

Audio examples

Reverb AK11 is a big and lush sounding algorithmic spacial effect with 11 great sounding algorithms, built in pre fx, including a pitch shifter and pre-delay with feedback and CV modulation. With reverberation times up to 30 seconds it’s easy to make huge dreamy ambient soundscapes, add a little chorus and pitch shifter for some simmering shimmer!
Since the Reverb has its own mix control you can lower it fully to make use of the pre-fx independently!

Reverb AK11 is part of the Retro FX Bundle including Delay Line 16 and Vocoder 64: Get a great deal on the bundle here!

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible