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Elements Splitter

Multiband Utility

AirRaid Audio


  • Redesigned, more intuitive routing.
  • Sexier back panel design with a clearer layout for easier cabling.
  • Various minor tweaks and bug fixes.

Splitter is a versatile multiband splitter and stereo tool which integrates seamlessly into our Elements modular series. It combines a multi-slope 3-band splitter/merger with per band M/S and pan controls. In addition, as per our Triad Multiband suite, Splitter features advanced routing which gives you full access to each of its functions independently.

Typical applications include: Multiband pre-FX splitting; multiband post-FX merging; multiband stereo effects (without or without splitting/merging); single band M/S and panning.

Splitter is FREE for all Reason users, or available as part of our Elements bundle.

Product details


Splitter can function as a multiband splitter (1 stereo input -> up to 3 stereo outputs), a multiband merger (up to 3 stereo inputs -> 1 stereo output), or as a simple single/multiband stereo tool (1 stereo input -> 1 stereo output).

In addition, the built-in, transparent crossovers can be set to 12dB or 24dB independently, further enhancing its potential for surgically sculpting your sound. However you choose to use it, it’s a highly versatile and tweakable tool box.

And best of all, it’s FREE.


Splitter features the same stereo controls that made our Multiband series so popular. With Splitter’s on-board M/S and panning, you have full control over the stereo width of your sound.

It’s possible, for example, regardless of the routing schema you choose, to mono the bass and widen the highs, while using CV modulation to blast the mids all over the stereo field. And that’s before you even begin to integrate Splitter into a fully-loaded Elements Combinator patch-fest.


In line with the modular philosophy of our Elements series, Splitter features CV inputs on all of its primary controls, which when hooked up to an LFO unit, such as our DS-LFO device (available separately for FREE), provide additional, fully customisable modulation.


Elements is a series of mini devices derived from our Triad Multiband series. Each device has been carefully crafted to isolate and enhance specific “elements” of Triad, and integrate together modularly, through stereo CV modulation and slick, unified design.

Used either as standalone devices or as part of a modular or multiband setup, each Element is an exceptionally creative tool for sound designers and musicians alike.

Whether you're after wild and wicked sounds or a fresh array of bread-and-butter micro effects, Elements are simple yet versatile enough to become a staple in any Reason-head's arsenal.

They are, after all, elementary.

User manual (PDF): Splitter Operation Manual



Released: 2016-10-17
Version: 2.0.0