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Relapse Multiband Delay

Multiband Delay

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Relapse is an innovative take on the traditional tape-delay concept. It offers three fully-featured delay modules, per-band frequency-shifters, tape saturators, and multimode filters. Add to this our now standard collection of neutral cross-overs, stereo LFOs, envelope followers and M/S mixing, and the possibilities become endless.

Relapse is not just a delay device—it is a bona fide chaos designer.

Product details

New to version 1.1:

New FX-Only function which bypasses all delay units. This effectively turns Relapse into a multi-module Frequency Shifter, Saturator and Filter.



At Relapse’s core are three stereo delay lines which have been painstakingly tuned to emulate the classic tape-delay sound. Each line comes with:

  • Left and right delay time controls, which can be synced to the song’s master tempo or left free-running. Times can also be linked together for a simple mono-delay effect.
  • Bipolar feedback and cross-feedback controls for precise positive and negative feedback design.
  • An optional “Equal” function which ensures that the left and right channels’ feedback times are equal, regardless of each one’s individual settings.


Built-in to each module, we offer a powerful suite of effects to help you further define the sound of your delay.

First up is a gorgeous bipolar frequency-shifter, which can produce anything from subtle pitch variations to atonal metallic noises. We follow this up with a distortion+filter section, offering a warm-sounding compressor/saturator hybrid, combined with a multimode filter with five filter types (LP, HP, BP, BR and EQ). The latter three of these offer, in addition to the usual frequency and resonance controls, the seldom-seen bandwidth control, which opens up these modes to a whole new level of expression.


Expanding on the standards we set with Mutagen and Pandemic 1.5, Relapse is built on a streamlined modular system with comprehensive onboard modulation.

In addition to the two classic multiband modes, parallel mode, and serial mode. Relapse offers global or “cross-module” feedback—a unique function which can create anything from dense feedback matrixes to unashamed audio mush. Furthermore, the frequency-shifter and distortion/filter blocks can be placed either within or after the delay’s feedback loop—essential for creating self-degrading dub delays or musical, arpeggiated sequences.

In regards to modulation, Relapse features the same envelope follower and per-band stereo LFOs as Mutagen 1.5, only now they can be assigned not only to band controls, but also to global parameters, namely to Global Time. This elegant system takes Relapse’s modulation capabilities far beyond conventional tape-delay LFO effects, and greatly enhances its potential for creative sound mangling.


  • Classic modulated tape-delays.
  • Panned and filtered multi-tap delays, with cross-tap feedback for extra diffusion.
  • Arpeggiated frequency-shifter effects.
  • Multiband tape saturation effects (for example, for adding warmth on the master channel).
  • Dynamic wah-wah effects.
  • Subtle chorus and screaming flanger effects.
  • Synced reverse delay effects and granular re-pitching.

We look forward to hearing what you’ll be able to do with it!

User manual (PDF): Relapse 1.0 Operation Manual



Released: 2014-09-22
Version: 1.1.0