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Distillery Beat Looper

Granular looper/gater

AirRaid Audio

  • • Real-time granular looping
  • • Gating, time-stretching and pitch-shifting
Distillery Beat Looper

Audio examples

Distillery is the F-22 Raptor of beat looper/stutter devices. Designed for both speed and precision, it still packs more punch than the average chainsaw to the face, and sports a slick cyan interface, which most people should find quite fetching.

Built on a robust granular engine, it features real-time beat (or note) looping, gating, time-stretching and pitch-shifting, all of which which can be played directly from the keyboard or programmed from Reason's sequencer.

Highly expressive yet laser precise, it can sound as subtle or lurid as you like. Imagine putting a robot frog into a 4D blender and turning it up to eleven. I would pity that frog.

Examples of Applications.

  • Real-time, tempo-synced beat looping and repeating
  • Real-time pitch-shifting, controlled via playing the notes on your MIDI keyboard
  • Wild pitch-shift and tape-stop-like effects
  • Ultra-fine granular time-stretching and tweaking
  • Complete loop-mangling chaos, all easily playable from your MIDI keyboard
  • Onboard envelope follower and stereo LFO for further insanity
  • CV gate and pitch note input, allowing Distillery to be controlled via Reaon's Matrix pattern sequencer

Product details

All your Gestures are belong to you.

The concept behind Distillery is simple: it maps note inputs to "gestures", which are customisable configurations of the built-in granular effects. This allows you to play the effects in real-time with a MIDI keyboard, or sequence them via Reason's native sequencer and devices. Built-in effects sections include Amp, Pitch, Loop, Gate and Grain, each with its own envelope controls and options.

Since, each gesture is an entirely new configuration, and there can be as many configurations as there are keys on your keyboard, it is just as possible to design wild, outlandish patches as it is to create subtle and nuanced variations of each configuration. For ease of use, we have included copy/paste/reset functions so that cloning and tweaking your favourite gestures becomes a snap.

Fever Pitch.

In addition to its standard, multi-gesture mode of operation, Distillery also offers Pitch Tracking mode. Simply click the Track button and Distillery, while limiting you to just one gesture, will automatically map the Pitch to incoming MIDI note data. This unique implementation allows you to repitch incoming audio, and play it as you would any synthesiser. Glitching up IDM beats or completely retuning a synth line are just of couple of possible applications.

However you choose to deploy it, Distillery will add a new, highly creative dimension to your music production process.

Moar Modulation.

Distillery features an envelope follower and stereo LFO, both of which are freely-assignable. These modulators greatly enhance Distillery's potential by bringing a dynamic and natural feel to the precise, controlled sound of the note-triggered effects.

Both modulators are taken from our Triad and Elements series, and thus feature a full range of tweakables, including attack and decay for the envelope follower, and spin/phase for the LFO.



Released: 2017-04-05
Version: 1.0.0