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Pandemic Multiband Autopan

Multiband Autopan

AirRaid Audio

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Pandemic is a wholly unorthodox multiband autopan. It features 3 bands—which can be routed anyway you like, each of which with its own, dedicated band mid/side width controls, frequency spreaders, chorus effects, panners, and innovative modulation sections, which can generate anything from subtle, organic variations, to creative, controlled chaos.

This unique combination of features makes Pandemic a veritable panacea for lifeless tracks.

Product details

New to version 1.5:

  • A redesigned, larger interface for improved readability.
  • Per band frequency spreaders.
  • Per band fully-featured tape chorus effects.
  • Serial and parallel routing options.
  • Global Vol and Mix controls.
  • A ton of new presets.
  • Various fixes and refinements.



At the heart of Pandemic are 3 stereo LFO sections, which can modulate each of the 3 bands’ Pan controls respectively. Each LFO offers multiple shapes in addition to Sync, Phase, Offset, Spin, Amp and Freq controls, the latter two of which have been given their own dedicated sine LFOs for further flexibility. This highly tweakable multi-LFO system creates near endless pan possibilities, from gentle shimmers, to multiband trance gate effects, to high-frequency metallic buzzes and drones.


Width and motion are the two ultimate goals of any auto-pan device, and with Pandemic, we’ve taken this to the next level. Pre-modulation, you now have the ability to define and refine the stereo width and tone of your sound, using any or all of the 3 modules at hand.

We start off with a mid/side mixer, which allows you to gently enhance the stereo or mono components of your audio signal. We follow this with an exceptionally smooth frequency spreader, which offsets the frequencies of the Left and Right channels, creating anything from a subtly wider stereo image to atonal and metallic sounds. Finally, we have a fully featured tape chorus effect, with built-in frequency and feedback controls.


New Parallel and Serial routing modes open up Pandemic to a host of new creative possibilities. For example, in Parallel mode, it is possible to apply completely independent LFOs to the Left and Right channels, while in Serial mode, you can string together up to 3 LFO sections for unlimited micro-variation or multi-chorus ensemble effects.

User manual (PDF): Pandemic 1.5 Operation Manual



Released: 2014-06-18
Version: 1.5.1