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Mutagen Multiband Distortion

Multiband Distortion

AirRaid Audio

  • • Hyper powerful multiband distortion

Audio examples

Mutagen is a unique take on the multiband distortion concept. It features 3 bands—which can be routed anyway you like; 15 powerful distortion algorithms; a freely-assignable Envelope Follower; per band stereo LFOs; and an innovative Mix section, which allows you to isolate not only specific frequencies, but also specific ranges within the stereo field.

This gives you an unparalleled arsenal of destruction with which to mutate your sound.

Product details

New to version 1.5:

  • A redesigned, larger interface for improved readability.
  • Per band stereo LFOs, which can be assigned to Boost, P1 and P2 parameters.
  • A global envelope follower, which can be applied as above.
  • Serial and parallel routing options.
  • An HQ mode with increased oversampling.
  • Global Mix and Pre-Amp controls.
  • A ton of new presets.
  • Various fixes and refinements.



At the heart of Mutagen are 3 independent distortion engines featuring 15 custom algorithms. Each algorithm has been painstakingly developed from the ground up, and carefully tuned to produce unique and musical results, bursting with personality. From subtle warmth, to digital grit, to untamed insanity, Mutagen will help you discover and define your sound.


Mutagen offers a freely-assignable Envelope Follower and per-band Stereo LFOs, which can control any or all of the main distortion parameters. This comprehensive array of modulation options expands upon Mutagen’s already powerful core to offer you anything from saturated compression effects to meandering, distorted textures.


Our unique one-knob M/S Mix section divides the wet audio signal into its mono and stereo components, and applies the distortion algorithm to each independently. This gives you an unheard of level of precision with which to mutate your sound. For example, by combining the M/S Mix control with the X-Over section, you can isolate the stereo component of a snare drum and sprinkle it with dirt, leaving the centre untouched. Or, you can overdrive the mono component of a kick drum, leaving the air around it crystal clear.


New Parallel and Serial routing modes open up Mutagen to a host of new creative possibilities. For example, by combining Parallel mode with band Pan controls, it is now possible to apply entirely separate distortion effects to the Left and Right channels individually. Or by combining Serial mode with band M/S Mix controls, the same can be achieved for the Mid and Side channels.

User manual (PDF): Mutagen 1.5 Operation Manual



Released: 2014-06-09
Version: 1.5.0