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Filter Chain X8187

Filter Chain X8187

Ekssperimental Sounds

  • • Six great effect boxes in one device
  • • Patchloader with output monitoring
  • • Flexible routing

Audio examples

Experimental 84HP, 3U Multi Effect and 1U Patchloader module

Included modules:

HighPass 2510
Cuts frequencies from 25Hz up to 10KHz. Comes with built in tube drive for juicy analog overtones. Frequency cut off can be modulated by the CV input jack on the back panel.

Cuts frequencies from 20kHz down to 35 Hz, The built in envelope follower can be used to modulate the cut off frequency and can also be routed via CV to other modules via the jack on the backside. The cut off frequency can also be modulated via the CV input jack on the back panel.

FreqShift 5K
Shift frequencies inharmonically by Hertz either up, down or both (stereo). Range and Depth can be modulated by the jacks on the back panel. Direct in- and outputs for independent use or alternative routing.

State Variable Filter - slide seamlessly between LP/HP and Notch/Peak with the sliders. Adjust cut off frequency and resonance with the two knobs. Frequency cut off can also be modulated with CV via the jack on the back panel. Built in tube overdrive for heavy saturation.

Dual mode echo with built in filter and bit reduction. When MODE is lit the filter knob change from low pass to bipolar mode and filters either high or low frequencies from the feedback loop. Bit reduction happens inside the feedback loop when MODE is lit and after feedback loop when MODE is unlit. If Delay rate is set to 0ms and feedback to minimum the Bit reduction can be used on it’s own in the unlit MODE.

Digital reverb - a mix of convolution technology and modelling. Sweep seamlessly between character from metallic to airy. Audio in- and outputs for alternative routing and independent usage.

Save and load patches for future usage.
Input stage with transistor drive and level indicator, output with stereo level meters.
Modules can be switched on or off (bypassed) with the six buttons below the display.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible