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FRONT-8 Graphical CV Router

Graphical CV Router

Pepin Hazan

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Front-8 is now free!

FRONT-8 is a CV router quite different from any you’ve seen before. Its unique and intuitive front-facing cabling system lets you experiment with different routing setups while keeping all of your back-of-the-rack connections in place. Attach your sources to FRONT-8’s inputs and your destinations to FRONT-8’s outputs. Then make your connections directly on FRONT-8’s interactive display!

Combine FRONT-8 with RVL-1 for unparalleled front-of-the-rack CV flexibility.

Product details

Put CV front and center! - Attach up to eight CV sources to FRONT-8's inputs and up to eight CV destinations to FRONT-8's outputs. Then experiment with different routing setups on FRONT-8's fun and intuitive display without ever pressing tab!

Record your experiments - FRONT-8 is fully automatable, including its display! First, create a sequencer track for FRONT-8. Then just hit record and experiment with different routing setups. When you're finished, you'll be able to listen back to your experiments and pick out the parts you like best.

Coarse and fine-grained control - First, scale each input globally using the knobs at the top of the display. Then select an input on the display, and use the knobs at the bottom of the display to specify how much of that input is sent to each output (both Global and Per-Output scale knob settings range from -2 to 2).

Extra clarity - Enable the info bars at the top and bottom of the display for readouts of your connections and scale knob settings. And check the intensities and polarities of your inputs and outputs at a glance via lamps that are visible even when the device is collapsed.

Customizable appearance - Choose a preset theme, or create your own!



  • Added high contrast themes from RVL-1 CV Display / Utility

  • Adjusted tooltip positions

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Released: 2014-12-05
Version: 1.0.2