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RVL-1 CV Display / Utility

CV Display / Utility

Pepin Hazan

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RVL-1 is now free!

Bring clarity to your CV setups! RVL-1 features configurable displays for analysis of up to eight CV input signals. Choose from a variety of display modes, including digital readouts, note name readouts, graphical meters, and more. RVL-1 also performs useful CV operations, including constant generation, scaling, offsetting, splitting, and step output. Whether you're a CV novice or pro, RVL-1 is an invaluable addition to your rack.

Combine RVL-1 with FRONT-8 for unparalleled front-of-the-rack CV flexibility.

Product details

Analyze CV signals - View up to eight CV sources using a variety of display modes, including:

Text Modes:

  • Value

  • Step

  • Note

Graphical Modes:

  • Expansion

  • Pulse

  • Unipolar Meter

  • Bipolar Meter

  • Step Meter

Simply click a display to switch between the different modes.

Perform CV operations - In addition to analyzing CV signals, RVL-1 can perform several useful tasks:

  • Splitting - Each input is split into three outputs.

  • Scaling - Each input can be scaled by a value from -2 to 2.

  • Offset (bias) - Each input can be precisely offset by a value between -10000 and 10000, configurable to three decimal places.

  • Constant generation - When no input is connected to a display, its offset controls generate a constant CV signal between -10000 and 10000, configurable to three decimal places.

  • Step output - Each display features step output sockets, which output 0 when inactive and 1 when active. Steps are evenly distributed across the CV input ranges from 0 to ±1 based on the number of steps chosen--anywhere from 1 to 200. There are eight step output sockets for each display, so the active step loops back to the first socket when there are more than eight total steps. Level Mode and Step Forwarding Inputs further extend RVL-1's step output functionality (see the RVL-1 Operation Manual for details).

Collapsed operation - RVL-1 was designed for optimal collapsed operation within complex CV setups. When RVL-1 is collapsed, its displays remain visible, so you can monitor your CV signals without wasting valuable screen real estate. Display modes can be changed as well, and RVL-1's labels can be mirrored on the displays for maximum clarity.

Customizable appearance - Choose a preset theme, or create your own!

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Released: 2014-12-09
Version: 1.0.2