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Grid64n Monophonic Note Sequencer

Grid64n Note Sequencer

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  • • Remote Controllable Note Step Sequencer

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Grid64n is a monophonic note step sequencer device which excels at creating lead and bass lines. Connect it to your favorite synth or sampler and start experimenting with patterns.

The 64 buttons matrix interface is fully programmable from a supported 8x8 grid midi controller so you can create patterns "hands on" in a fast, intuitive and fun way. Create up to 16 scenes, then switch scenes on the fly and record your performance in the Reason sequencer.

Product details

  • 32 steps matrix with control of the direction, rate and length of the pattern
  • step input of notes with control of the note type, octave, length (from 1/32 to 1/2 bar), velocity and trigger probability
  • various pattern edit functions, including randomize, alter, remix, shift left or right, shift octave up or down
  • 16 scale types with a quantize to scale function
  • 16 scenes with copy/paste/delete and recording of scene changes in the main sequencer
  • scene CV In and Out to chain several devices together for more complex sequencing arrangements
  • CV out per step with various mode including bipolar, inverse, rectified positive and negative
  • native Remote support for several third party 8x8 grid midi controllers, including the Novation Launchpad series, Ableton Push, and Maschine Jam

Click on the Product Website link for more info on how to set up your controller to work with Grid64n.

Grid64n requires Reason 9.2 or higher

Update History:

1.0.2 - Minor bug fixes


  • when changing scenes via CV, clicking on "EXT" in the upper right corner disables external control. This allows to change and edit scenes. Clicking on "!EXT" reactivates it
  • Shift+click sets the currently selected note, duration, octave, velocity, probability or CV value to all the other active steps in the pattern
  • Alt+click opens a menu with options to copy and paste a single step from one location to another
  • Fixed a bug with the 1/2 rate



Released: 2018-11-20
Version: 1.0.4