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HexaTone Sine/Noise Tone Generator

Additive Synthesizer

Ekssperimental Sounds

  • • 6 Sine/Noise Generators
  • • Ring Modulator & Shaper
  • • Multimode FX

Audio examples

HexaTone Sine/Noise Generator is an instrument inspired by old school tone generators from the early days of electronic music. HexaTone’s six oscillators can be set to either SINE or bandpassed NOISE. The individual oscillators can be tuned freely from 20Hz-15kHz with the option to track the keyboard or stay at the set frequency. They all have individual envelopes, ring modulator and waveshaper, and can be frequency modulated by envelope and LFO.
All oscillators can be routed to individual outputs and they can be played individually or in pairs using keys C1-A#1.

HexaTone comes with a simple but great sounding built-in multimode effect and includes 100+ patches!

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible