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INDSTRLZR Multi Effect

Ekssperimental Sounds

  • • LFO with programmable waveform
  • • 2 Dual Mode Trashers
  • • Echo and Reverb

Audio examples

INDSTRLZR is a multi effect inspired by Chris Carter’s legendary Gristleizer , a device based on a circuit design by Roy Gwinn, published in Practical Electronics Magazine 1975.

The INDSTRLZR uses the same principle of an LFO modulating a VCA and VCF, and comes with multiple additional functions, like programmable LFO shape, syncing, control over filter mode and resonance.
It also comes with a small digital Programmer control unit that houses a touch display with patch saving and FX controls. On FX page 1 you’ll find two “Trashers” with individual tonality. Both futures Fuzz and Scream modes and has controls for amount and tone. The programmer also houses Echo and Reverb, LFO settings and custom LFO waveform Shape programming.

The INDSTRLZR has an additional audio mod input that can be used to modulate the audio signal, it works like a vocoder where the normal audio inputs are the carrier and the mod inputs are the modulator signal.
On the backside you’ll find a number of CV connections for modular and experimental routing.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible