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Mace Professional Compressor

Dynamics Control Unit


  • • Dual channel Advanced Compressor
  • • Stereo, Dual Mono and Mid/Side modes
  • • Time based and Sync based Attack, Hold & Release

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Lab:One brings to the Rack their spin on a studio classic

A one stop shop to get your beats punchier, tame those vocals and ride those basslines, The Mace packs it all in

Product details

Lab:One brings to the Rack their spin on a studio classic... The Mace Professional Compressor

A one stop shop to get your beats punchier, tame those vocals and ride those basslines, The Mace packs it all in.

The Mace includes all the controls you would expect from a compressor with the additions of a limiter and softclip to tame those peaks and control those levels. What's more, The Mace is aimed also at artists and producers who rather get into the creative side rather than the science... with the inclusion of tempo-based Attack, Hold and Release controls, The Mace steps up to the plate and delivers where others fear to tread. Throw in an Attack Divider for ultra-fine attack timings, you're guaranteed to get sculpting from the get-go.

With compression comes the knee point; The Mace has 7 settings for knee, from hard (0dB) to fully soft (30dB) at 5dB increments, to make compression sound more natural the larger the knee, at no extra expense.

The Mace offers Dual-mono, Stereo-linked and Mid-Side modes of compression and limiting, so you can get right into the details, to fix your mix or just to get creative.

Softclip protection is thrown in too. What's more is that you can calibrate the softclip limits to be gentle or powerful, without ever overloading - handy to colour your sound your way.

The Mace also sports Modern and Classic compressor & limiter characteristic modes, ideal to cover any genre and style of music and audio production.

The Mace includes a Compression Depth control, which works alike a hard-clipper on gain reduction; a great way to prevent too much fluctuation on levelling where needed.

Sidechain tweaking is another key feature of The Mace, allowing you to manipulate the sidechain signal however you feel, either by filtering (great to smooth out heavy drum sounds) or by gain control (rebalance for lighter sidechaining, or heavy handed for full on pulverising).

The Mace also incorporates a visual feedback system that shows you the Sidechain input-to-output compressor chart, Gain reduction metering and Peak Output metering, with a 0.5sec Peak Hold readout.

With the all important Wet Mix control, The Mace allows you to bring 'New-York' style (aka Parallel) compression into the fold, to really enhance your sounds with beef and keep the clarity.

The Mace includes External Sidechain signal sockets, as well as your standard input/output audio sockets, plus two Gain Reduction CV outputs for even more modular fun to control other devices in the Rack.

With over 80 presets as a starting point, make The Mace one of the staple units in your Rack today

Version History:

v1.0.5 - compatibility with Reason 9 Bounce in Place feature bug fixed

v1.0.4 - GUI amendments

v1.0.3 - Release Divider added

v1.0.2 - Additional Make-Up Gain control function built into the Threshold control point. Left-to-right is Threshold, Up-to-Down is Make-Up (22.12.15)

v1.0.1 - Bug fix on stereo devices connecting to sidechain inputs. Minor colour adjustments to compressor type text, gain reduction metering per mode. Threshold and Ratio control points added to main graph displays - (21.12.15)

v1.0 - The Mace released (18.12.15)



Released: 2018-11-30
Version: 1.0.5