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ReQ131 (31 Band EQ)

Graphic Equalizer


  • • Touch screen faders
  • • 2 morphable memory banks
  • • Stereo, Mid and Side modes

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Lab:One Recordings is proud to bring to you a studio classic to the Rack - ReQualizer model ReQ·131 - a 31 ISO band graphic equalizer, which is transparent in sound yet powerful where it should be.

The ReQ·131 makes equalization a breeze - adding tonal character to your own sound, be it solo instruments, vocals, drums or your whole mix - now version 2 has 'click-n-drag' EQ curve controls for even faster intuitive editing

Upgrade for $/€9!!

Product details

Lab:One Recordings is proud to bring to you a studio classic to the Rack, with a new modern twist - the ReQualizer model ReQ·131 - a 31 ISO band graphic equalizer, which is transparent in sound yet powerful where it should be.

ReQ·131 makes equalization a breeze - adding tonal character to your own sound, be it solo instruments, vocals, drums or your whole mix, be it in stereo linked, mid or side processing.

Modeled on classic 31 band graphic equalizers, you get the same controls you would expect from hardware counterparts, but with a new digital interface; 31 fader controls (1/3rd octave spacing) for two EQ curve memory slots, with changeable dB control and processing paths (stereo joined, mid or side signal equalization), plus 12dB per octave Low Pass (2kHz to 22kHz) and High Pass (20hz to 400hz) filters, and the essential Input Gain and Output Gain controls (with +/-15dB range), to reign in or let loose your sculpted audio.

Version 2 adds in some extra features that sets ReQ131 apart from the competition:

SHIFT FREQ control allows you to shift all 31 band frequency centres up or down 1/6th octave, so now ReQ131 is a hybrid para-graphic equalizer; allowing you to tune the bands for a more 'musical' experience without getting locked into the clinical industry standard ISO frequency settings.

BLEND AMOUNT allows you to switch or morph between the active curves, meaning you can have both memory banks in use and interpolate between the two EQ curves - handy for those A/B comparison moments. BLEND can also be deactivated so the BLEND AMOUNT control can be used as an A/B switch knob

GAIN DRY allows the dry input signal (pre EQ) to not be affected b y the main Output Gain control - this allows us to relevel and rebalance the Equalized signal independently to the dry signal - allowing us to be more subjective to our equalization decisions, opposed to the 'louder is better' scenario seen again and again.

COPY TO A/B and RESET EQ - these two controls allow us to reset the Edit-ready curve (use with the Edit A / Edit B buttons), as well as copy from one curve memory to the other - great for scratchpad ideas for EQing and comparing two curves before you commit - all in the same device. Resetting of individual bands is also a breeze now, by simply clicking on and/or click-dragging on the frequency numbers or dB values of those bands - again an intuitive fast way to work with ReQ·131 v2

Input and Output metering has been revised, so now we have meters for both channels, as well as 0.5sec Peak meter values, to help us not only see the signal metering pre and post EQ, but also how far past digital 0dB we have gone - ReQ·131 allows up to +80dBFS so you know exactly how far past 0dB you have gone, and how much you need to reign the signal back in to not clip.

Version 2 also includes visual representation of the mode - the graphic controls change colour with the set mode (Stereo = Red, Mid processing = Green, Side processing = Blue) - meaning no more hunting down the settings, just a glance over you know what mode you're in, even at distance.

This type of equalizer is aimed at all producers and artists who want the extra tools to shape and tweak their latest tracks in the same way that an engineer would with true real-world rack units. This equalizer is designed to compliment all of your audio, and to give it that pro-studio sound.

ReQ·131 allows you to create custom EQ curves, giving you additional control over every aspect of your latest production. With the addition of preset saving and loading, what better way to keep and recall your ideal presets time and time again.

============== v2.0 upgrade:

Touch-display with 31 band controls. Dynamic dB readings for each fader. Two memory banks for better comparison. Blend EQ curves to interpolate between the two memory banks. Copy To and Reset EQ controls, reset individual bands (no need for modifier keys). Shift Frequency centres for all 31 bands, 1/6th Octave shift each direction. Gain Dry function. 3 colour modes for visual representation of signal process. Independent Input and Output metering system, with peak meter dB values (ranging from -96dBFS to +80dBFS). Additional CV sockets and controls for more equalization creative controls. Compatible with version 1 presets.

============== v1.2 update:

CV inputs: for each band independently, with respective Uni-polar/Bi-polar buttons and invert CV signal buttons, trim controls for each band and a master CV scale trim to control all band CV trims as a group

SIGNAL PATH & dB MODES: 3 signal path options with 5 dB range settings: to allow the sound engineer / designer to utilize STEREO signal processing, MID-only signal processing or SIDE-only signal processing independently (joined channel controls) with the option to set the dB scaling for the EQ faders; available settings are 3dB, 6db, 12dB, 18dB, & 24dB. All are allocated in the new dropdown listing (viewable and editable in full expanded view or folded rack view). Scale Labels auto-update on the fly, in relation to your specific choice of dB mode.

HEAR EQ ONLY mode: This allows you to hear what your equalisation settings has added or removed from your audio signal - handy for finding those tricky sounds, or can be used for creative purposes

BYPASS Low Pass and High Pass filters: Simple On/Off modes to give the user even more choice between using the filters or have audio feed straight into the equalizer bands.

DRY / WET KNOB: the addition of this is simple - mixing the original input signal with the EQ'd output, to have even more control available

============== v1.2.1 Update: ============== Re-routes the LP / HP filters in MID and SIDE mode so they affect those specific modes only. Previous version routed LP / HP filters as global filters.

DRY/WET knob: improved knob adjustment, using MIDI CC mapping range (0 - 127) opposed to percentage

============== v1.2.2 Update: ============== Smoother sounding controls globally. Remote Mapping fixed. Gain control only affects Wet EQ signal, Dry signal left as original level (for better A/B comparisons) ============== Watch out for the videos coming soon which show the 3 signal path modes (Stereo / MID / SIDE signal processing), HEAR EQ mode (for a more in-depth explanation) and the CV inputs & controls in use.

The manual is available at (or click the SUPPORT PAGE link above)




Released: 2018-11-30
Version: 2.0.0