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Mesher-8K - CV Knobs Mix Panel

Cv Mixer Panel


  • • Cv Mixer Panel
  • • RIP Håkan Müller

Håkan Müller, creator of the Hamu devices passed away in May 2018. He suffered from ALS for 3 years and finally decided to leave.
To honor Håkan, you can use his Rack Extensions for free from now on.
Please remember Håkan when you are inking your rack purple.

The Mesher devices combine CV splitting and merging, letting you control all your CV connections from front panel buttons or knobs.

The Mesher8K, an 8x8 knobs mixing panel, enables you to combine your CV signals any way you please, in a very flexible way.

Modulation sockets behind every mesh node, so you can use CV to control your CV amounts.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible