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Newtrol_16 CV Control Board

CV Control Board


  • • CV Control Board
  • • RIP Håkan Müller

Video clips

Håkan Müller, creator of the Hamu devices passed away in May 2018. He suffered from ALS for 3 years and finally decided to leave. To honor Håkan, you can use his Rack Extensions for free from now on. Please remember Håkan when you are inking your rack purple.

Please notice that the ModPanel 16 offers the same functionality as Newtrol 16, in a beautiful purple package and at a lower price, but if you really must avoid vivid colors, then here's your black alternative!

The Newtrol 16 has what you need to run your live performance from a single control panel:

  • 96 control outputs, to control all your devices
  • Save and restore control settings in patches
  • Midi note events outputs
  • PolyCV outputs
  • Midi key control for 0, 16 or 32 button outputs

Perfect for remote control surfaces!

  • Control several combinators from the same Newtrol
  • Let your MIDI keyboard and your controller follow selected track
  • Use several Newtrol tracks to get immediate and easy access to control everything in your rack

Remote maps are available for Behringer BCF2000.

Product details


ModPanels intro This ModPanels introduction is 100% valid for Newtrols too. Only difference is visual. Please just ignore the color! ;-)

Sequenced - Newtrot - Hamu This is one of the introduction examples to the Feb.2015 patch contest using only Newtrols, stock devices and free Rack Extensions.

Nwt12_2NN_3FX No speech, only demonstrating a setup I like to play with on my own. NN19 combinators with piano and organ are used, others can simply be created in the same way by just changing patch in the NN19 and saving as new combi patch. Similar - but more tricky - with other effect combinators.

Newtrol, Euclid & AutoTheory No speech, only playing through a setup made as an experiment and demonstration. RPG's, AutoTheories, Euclids + other Hamu devices. Bass and all piano is generated from an initial chord, split by RPG-8 and regenerated as new chords and melodies by AutoTheory.

Newt8_2NN19_Scream This is a basic - but long - introduction on how to use one Newtrol 8 to control several instruments and effects. It's a non stop including every cable and programming.

Song and patch files are, or will be, available at the product website, and some additional videos.

A controller for everything!

The basic idea with the Newtrol is to provide a ready solution for all control needs in Reason.

Now you can setup your rack so you get full and flexible access from your remote controller as well as midi keyboard. To make this possible, Newtrol includes not only lots of controls with CV outputs, but also patch handling for the settings and midi note & gate outputs, polyphonic via PolyCV.

The controls

There are plenty of controls available on the Newtrol 16:

  • 16 faders

  • 16 toggle buttons

  • 16 momentary buttons

  • 48 knobs

Bipolar & Inverted outputs switches

Each fader can be individually set to bipolar or unipolar mode. Knobs and buttons have separate switches for left and right half of the panel, for setting to normal or inverted mode.

Scale (amount) modulation inputs

For each channel there is a modulation input which can be used to scale the output levels of all controls of the specific channel.

Patch handling

With all these controls, it is of course essential to be able to save and restore the settings with the use of patches.

Hold outputs

When the 'Hold Outs' button switch is on, your control changes will not affect the outputs until you release the switch again. This can be used for manual changes, as well as for patch changes.

Notice that the button itself is part of a saved patch, so you will in advance decide what will happen after loading the patch back. If a patch was saved with Hold Outs on, it will not affect your outputs when loaded, until you release the switch. CV inputs are available for easier CV control of the hold gate for the outputs.

Midi notes, performance and PolyCV outputs are NOT affected by any patch change or Hold Outs setting.

Note and gate outputs

The Newtrol 16 includes one output pair for "Sequencer CV", i.e. note and gate from received MIDI. Sustain will by default affect the gate output, but can optionally be turned off. These outputs can optionally be set to send PolyCV, allowing you to distribute your midi note events through only two cables.

Midi control of momentary and toggle buttons

In addition to direct on-screen pushing - and remote - handling of these buttons, you're able to control their outputs from your midi keyboard. There are separate settings for the momentary and toggle buttons, where you select the activating midi keys and decide if you want momentary (trigger) or toggle (switch) operation.

Override your combinators

If you, like many of us, use combinator tracks, and have your remote control surface follow the selected track, you may be frustrated by the combinators limited number of controls.

Now you can select Newtrol tracks instead of combinator tracks. You can connect the Newtrol outputs directly to any CV input of any device, or use a combinator input to route the CV to any device through the combinator programmer. You can even use several combinators from the same Newtrol device. With midi output available for sequencer CV, you can still have the midi keyboard follow selected track.


  • 1.0.2 Original release
  • 1.0.3 Bugfix; PolyCV will now end notes at stop
  • 1.0.4 Bugfix; A.Touch is now working correctly
  • discontinued


Newtrol versions difference summary

  • Newtrol 8 has

    • 8 channels, 48 controls
    • 8 Seq CV output socket pairs
    • Separate PolyCV output pair always available
    • MIDI perfomance outputs
    • Bipolar and invert switches for each widget
  • Newtrol 12 has

    • 12 channels, 72 controls
    • 12 Seq CV output socket pairs
    • Separate PolyCV output pair always available
    • MIDI perfomance outputs
    • Bipolar and invert switches for each widget
  • Newtrol 16 has

    • 16 channels, 96 controls
    • 1 Seq CV output pair
    • or PolyCV via the only CV output sockets pair
    • No MIDI perfomance outputs
    • Bipolar and invert switches cover half rows

Why are there three different versions?

Well, in some cases you may prefer a spacey layout, longer tags, close match to your favourite remote controller and a full set of midi outputs. Newtrol 8 could be ideal.

Other times you need as many control widgets as possible on a single device, and Newtrol 16 is the choice. Midi outputs are reduced since Reason (SDK) limits the total number of outputs.

You really only want one panel, to keep things easy? Maybe Newtrol 12 is the ideal compromise?

ModPanel 16

Please notice that all the functionality of the Newtrol 16 is available in an alternate product named ModPanel 16. Only the graphical design differs, and the price of the ModPanel is a bit less. The Newtrol 16 was released to meet urgent requests from users who do not agree with the Hamu preference for purple colours. The price difference is to point out that we rather sell these devices in "our own" purple colour than the dull black, gray and white Newtrols. ;)



Released: 2015-04-02
Version: 1.0.4