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MxSplirger CV Flexible Split & Merge

CV Split & Merge


  • • CV Split & Merge
  • • RIP Håkan Müller

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Håkan Müller, creator of the Hamu devices passed away in May 2018. He suffered from ALS for 3 years and finally decided to leave. To honor Håkan, you can use his Rack Extensions for free from now on. Please remember Håkan when you are inking your rack purple.

MxSplirger is no revolution, but a very flexible evolution of how to split and merge CV signals!

It's all 'self arranging' and you can connect cables to setup one-to-many (split), many-to-one (merge) and even many to many (splirge). The configuration lamps will be lit as you connect cables, to immediately show you the current internal connections. 'Many' can be anything from 1 to 24, and output level knobs are available up front. From release 1.1.1 there are separate gain knobs on each input.

MxSplirger is visually designed to pair up as bottom CV 'module' frame, together with MatchMaker at the top.

Product details

MxSplirger is extremely flexible! It's all 'self arranging' and you can connect cables to setup any number of CV inputs to merge and/or split to any number of outputs. The configuration lamps are visible on both front and back panel, and will be lit as soon you connect a cable next to another. Inputs of a merger and outputs of a splitter can even overlap, as long as they are functionally separated by open sockets, e.g. you can split 1->22 and merge 22->1 in the same unit!

Knobs are mainly intended for manual level adjustment when this is needed, like a socket trim knob but on the front, so there are no modulation sockets for these knobs.

When all input gain knobs are set to 1.0 the gain LED is red, and the device functions as previous release: The level knob setting is multiplied with the socket level on each connected input, and then all inputs are added to form the level of a 'bridge', which is visualized with a lit vertical connection between the inputs and the outputs. The bridge level is then split to all connected outputs, where again it is multiplied with the knob level before output to each socket.

When ANY gain knob is offset from 1.0 then ALL inputs will be affected by their gain knob only, while the level knobs will affect only the output levels. Notice that you can always return to the 'old mode' by resetting ALL gain knobs to the default 1.0 position.

Finally, notice that MxSplirger graphically - when not folded - fits as a bottom framing 'internal devices', with MatchMaker as the top. The product page of MatchMaker elaborates a bit more on this. Please check it out to grasp the 'CV module' concept!

RELEASE NOTES - 1.0.1 Original release - 1.1.1 Gain knobs added for each input - discontinued



Released: 2014-06-12
Version: 1.1.1