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Mingler Active Auto Select Latest CV

Auto Select Latest CV


  • • Auto Select Latest CV
  • • RIP Håkan Müller

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Håkan Müller, creator of the Hamu devices passed away in May 2018. He suffered from ALS for 3 years and finally decided to leave. To honor Håkan, you can use his Rack Extensions for free from now on. Please remember Håkan when you are inking your rack purple.

Mingler makes chords from separate CV notes.

By sending the latest of the two input streams to the output, the output note & gate CV of a Mingler is able to send chords into a single instrument. Meters and lamps will show levels on the ins and outs, as well as which was selected, even on the folded panel.

On the way from input to output, you may apply some tweaks to the signals, including (since rel. 1.1.0) the balance of gate inputs' velocity.

Product details

BASIC FUNCTIONALITY The two streams of sequencer note and gate values on the inputs, will be mingled into a single sequencer stream on the output.

BASIC FEATURES Mingler Active is an automatic CV selector, setting the output to match the latest changed of the two inputs. Aimed at the sequence control CV signals (gate/velocity and note/pitch/cv), Mingler will finally bring your CV sequences together to feed chords into a single instrument! In the absence of internal midi between devices in Reason, this Mingler is your tool for collecting separate note sequences to chords.

There are meters showing the current note and gate values on inputs and output, and lamps showing which input was the latest. These indicators are also displayed on the folded front, making it a useful display as well!

IT'S JUST LIKE FEEDING TO SEVERAL EQUAL INSTRUMENTS, THEN? Well, not exactly. There is always only one gate available in a sequencer CV pair. A sequencer gate "off" will stop all playing notes on an instrument. As long as all notes on the inputs are separate, without overlap, the notes on the Mingler output are exact copies, including gates on and off. When they overlap, the first gate to go off on any input, will end both notes in the instrument. Unfamiliar and maybe annoying, but on the other hand; This is where the fun begins! With Mingler Active, you can e.g. set the behavior to ignore gate off when the other input has a gate still on (note still playing).

USING MINGLER ACTIVE Mingler Active comes with a number of buttons tweaking the handling of relations between the two inputs, transferring to you the control of it all. And, of course, these settings are all controllable by CV modulation inputs, as well as remote midi and automation. For your convenience all back plane sockets have an indicator on the front, showing where there are cables connected. When a cable is connected, the button itself is not enough to activate the setting, but a positive CV is required. This way both bipolar and unipolar CV can be used for switching settings on and off.


  • Note ignore: Block ths note input
  • Gate ignore: Block this gate input
  • Gate to other: Apply this gate to the other input
  • Retrig: Retrig output on every event
  • Hang: Hold gate out on until both gates in are off
  • Vel. balance:
    • Mid setting will leave both gates at full level
    • Left of mid will reduce the level of gate 2
    • Right of mid will reduce the level of gate 1

Please refer to the product website for more details and tips on how to use the settings. Including all the older videos. And don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions or issues.

Enjoy your sounds! /HAMU

Release notes


  • Added functionality

    • Knob for velocity balance ("pan")
    • Modulation socket and a meter for current balance value
  • Improved and optimized input and output handling

    • Respond to note input changes only differs AFTER quantify
    • Skip 1 or 2 outputs of every 3, when latency > ~10 ms
    • Above keeps latency low, and avoids noisy artefacts and excess load
  • GUI update to align with future HAMU products

    • Color slightly changed (still pink on puple on purpose)
    • Screws added (we all want those, right?)
    • Introducing green decal markings round output sockets
  • Video with spoken comments, as many of you asked for =)


  • Bugfix: Mingler will now - after being loaded as part of a combinator patch, or song - act correctly according to modulation inputs levels for for switch buttons.

  • Additional video link, showing a 'module' of several Minglers working together. Includes additional RE's from HaMu and was created at the time of the release of the Module Maker bundle.




Released: 2014-08-04
Version: 1.1.1