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Mixfood WT4 Wavetable Synthesizer

Wavetable Synthesizer

Studio Corbach

  • • 1600 Supreme Quality Wavetables, 4 Oscillators
  • • Index Faders, FX, 20 Env's, 16 LFO's, Mod Matrix
  • • Unison, Slpit Drive FX, Wavetable Visualization

Mixfood WT4 is a wavetable synthesizer with 1600 supreme quality wavetables (400 unique) in 4 oscillators.
Each oscillator has a separate effects-bank, unison, detune, stereo-spread, envelopes, LFO’s, filters, shapers and a mod matrix.
On the back of the device each oscillator has a separate dry and wet audio-output for connecting your favourite effect RE’s.
To finish off global filter, velocity, pan, glide, poly/mono, legato and a split drive filter/EQ are present to be able to make all the sounds you need.
Reason 9.2 and up.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible