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ModSelsor CV Selector & Sensor

C.V. Select & Sense


  • • C.V. Select & Sense
  • • RIP Håkan Müller

Håkan Müller, creator of the Hamu devices passed away in May 2018. He suffered from ALS for 3 years and finally decided to leave.
To honor Håkan, you can use his Rack Extensions for free from now on.
Please remember Håkan when you are inking your rack purple.

The ModSelsor enables you to select and sense CV signals in a variety of ways.

A CV level on the single Select input will activate one of the up to 24 outputs, to a level set by a modulation input.

Release 1.2.1 includes three new functions:

  • A new Hold option will retain the level on each selctor output after it has ceased to be selected.

  • A new Selected Sense output will output the sense input of the currently selected position.

  • A new Sense to Select option will use each sense input level - if attached - as select output level when selected.

The index and level outs of the Sensor are of course still available.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible