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Morfin XF Crossfader

Groovy Melon

Groovy Melon Morfin XF Crossfader will help you to crossfade between two audio sources with selectable tapers.

Morfin XF is also a CV shaper.

Morfin XF is FREE.

Product details

Wikipedia says “Cross fader essentially functions like two faders connected side-by-side, but in opposite directions. It allows one to fade one source out while fading another source in at the same time”. But Groovy Melon Morfin XF is just more than that. Morfin XF is armed with extra groovy features that improve the versatility of the device while keeping its usage simple.

Morfin XF accepts 4 audio inputs. These inputs can be routed to deck A or B using the respective select knobs. Volume and Phase of the audio that is routed to decks can be changed too.

With Morfin XF cross fader, you can intensely crossfade with your mouse or your MIDI conroller without clicks. If you want to be really precise and fast GroovyMelon recommends you using CV input of Morfin XF.

There are 10 different tapers* in Morfin XF: • SQRT: Square root • LIN: Linear • FT: Sharp Taper (also known as Fast Cut) • MT: Medium Taper • CP: Constant Power • SQ: Squared • GT: Gentle Taper (also known as Slow Cut) • AB: Only one source allowed (no fading indeed) • DIP: Sine • TRNS: For gentle transition between sources

*Curve and power drawings of the tapers can be found on product manual.

With the help of these curves Morfin XF becomes also a CV shaper. You can have envelopes with curvy attack times. For example, if you feed CV input with unipolar triangular CV, when taper is AB, you will have square CV on output A, if taper is DIP you will have a sine, if taper is SQ you will have a square of the CV input etc.

Hope you like Morfin XF



Released: 2012-11-23
Version: 1.0.1