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NoteMix Player

NoteMix Player

Retouch Control

  • • Note Mixer/Shifter/Splitter/Filter
  • • 8 snapshots with morphing

NoteMix is a multifunction utility player which can be used to affect incoming notes from midi clips, from CV, or both. Notes can be distributed among up to 8 channels with each having knobs for the velocity levels, for pitch shifting, and buttons for mute and solo. Note ranges for each channel are configured from a settings page within the display. The display also allows to save the state of the knobs in 8 snapshot locations labelled A thru H, and it is possible to morph between the snapshot values by moving the white cursor. The device can be used as a

  • mixer to adjust the velocity levels of incoming notes based on user definable note ranges
  • pitch shifter to shift the pitch of all or selected ranges of incoming notes
  • combiner of notes from 8 distinct CV input sources
  • note splitter with up to 8 bands which can be affected independently
  • note filter to isolate or remove notes based on user defined ranges
  • CV utility with snapshots morphing to control parameters on other devices in the rack via control voltage

These functions are not exclusive and can be combined for even more flexible uses. For more details, please refer to the Product Manual.

Product details

  • 8 channels with user configurable note ranges and on/off switches (from the settings page)
  • per channel velocity knobs to scale the incoming velocities between 0% and 125% (up to a maximum velocity of 127)
  • per channel pitch knobs to shift the pitch of incoming notes by +/- 12 semitones
  • multi function buttons to mute or solo individual channels
  • 8 snapshot locations labelled A thru H which can save the state of the velocity and pitch knobs
  • copy and paste of snapshots plus morphing of snapshot values when moving across locations
  • gate and CV inputs to receive notes from up to 8 distinct CV sources
  • unipolar or bipolar CV outs from the velocity knobs which can be used to control parameters on other devices in the rack
  • the velocity and pitch knobs, the morphing cursor and the state of the mute and solo buttons are automatable in the sequencer and available for Remote control
  • the device configuration and the snapshots can be stored in patches
  • the CV outs with snapshots and morphing can be used even when the device is turned off


Product Manual



Released: 2018-10-10
Version: 1.0.0