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Omega Mastering Clipper

Omega MasteringClipper

Forgotten Clank Studios

  • • Mastering grade anti-aliasing
  • • Hard and soft clipping algorithms
  • • Intuitive volume display

IMPORTANT This product will be free during Black Friday. If you want to support me as a developer or can’t wait to use it you can buy it now but there is a guaranteed free period in November 2021.

This is a hard/soft clipping device with options for oversampling to reduce aliasing. If you’re mastering, doing aggressive sound design using distortion, or just want the cleanest sound possible this is the device you want. 4x and an equivalent of 16x-32x oversampling are available for minimal aliasing.

What’s new in v1.1?

  • Silencing of the sound when adjusting the threshold on the high quality setting is now more gentle
  • Fixed a bug that caused crackling on the high quality setting
  • Fixed a bug that caused mono signals to not be displayed correctly
Mac OS compatible Windows compatible