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Omega DEQ

Omega Dynamic EQ

Forgotten Clank Studios

  • • Precision parametric equalizer
  • • Compression and expansion
  • • Automatic band detection

The technology of dynamic EQs is now available as a Reason Rack Extension in the form of the Omega Dynamic Equalizer. More flexible than a multiband compressor it can give you dynamic control over the tone of your mix. De-ess your vocals, clean up mud or catch ear-piercing ringing when it tries to cut through. It is also super-easy to modify the detection filters’ cutoff frequencies to get extreme flexibility for mastering. Unlike traditional dynamic EQs, you also get to adjust how much of the EQ is dynamic and how much is static so that you get exactly the EQ moves you want. All of this in a compact 2 rack unit package can save your mix.

v1.2.1 changes

  • Fixed a bug where combining lookahead with “Split Stereo” mode would make the audio go crazy.

v1.2.0 changes

  • Added “Split Stereo” mode where the left and right channel are treated separately, contrary to the other two modes which combine the signal in some way to determine the gain reduction
  • Fixed a few bugs making the device behave more predictably and improving sound quality in some cases

v1.1.1 changes

  • Bug fix: Changing the Q while monitoring a signal now locks in at the correct value all the times.

v1.1 changes

  • Added “Lookahead” control
  • Added sidechain inputs
  • Added gain reduction CV output
  • Added “Stereo Mode” fader on the back
  • Improved detection algorithm for stereo sources with a prominent side signal
  • Bug fix: Fixed frequency analyzer when a mono source is connected
Mac OS compatible Windows compatible