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Proton Particle Accelerator


LoveOne Consulting AB

  • • Three Granular Synthesis Engines
  • • Extensive Modulation Capabilities
  • • Comprehensive Effects Section

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Please note that this product requires Reason 9.2

Proton is a highly versatile granular synthesizer designed in collaboration with Selig Audio. Its three distinct grain engines are capable of producing a wide array of sounds, ranging from mushy, floating ambient pads to crackling, stuttering leads.

Product details

  • 3 granular sound engines
  • Easy-to-use zoomable wavetable display
  • Semitone pitch quantization for sequences, drones, and arpeggios
  • 2 multi-mode filters (LP24, LP12, BP12, HP12, and comb), configurable in parallel or in -series
  • Classic ADSR envelope + Graphic amp envelope
  • 2 graphic modulation envelopes with 8 different loop modes
  • 2 saw/triangle LFOs with optional random drift
  • Random noise modulation source with 3 different probability density functions
  • Phaser effect
  • Delay effect with optional coloring filter
  • Reverb effect
  • Graphic equalizer effect with 4 filters (low shelf, high shelf, 2 parametric filters)
  • 30-slot modulation matrix with secondary modulation

What's new in Proton 1.1:

  • Added third grain engine
  • Optimized GUI with improved usability
  • Optimized sound engines
  • Added pitch quantizer
  • Added stereo width control (engine 2 and 3)
  • Added graphic EQ
  • Added generic modulation matrix
  • Added button for cropping sample to loop start-/endpoints
  • Added second modulation envelope
  • Added new modulation envelope loop modes
  • Added possibility to set sustain point in modulation envelopes
  • Added a random noise modulation source
  • Added coloring filter to the delay effect
  • Added graphic amp envelope
  • Added 4 generic modulation CV inputs
  • Added grain pan as modulation destination (for all 3 engines)
  • Added expression as modulation source
  • Added sustain pedal as modulation source
  • Added per-voice MIDI key number as modulation source
  • Added main volume and pre-fx volume as modulation destinations
  • Bug fix: shift-dragging a knob, then releasing shift, would cause parameter value jump
  • Bug fix: samples shorter than 600 frames wouldn't show up in the waveform display
  • Bug fix: setting sample rate to 192kHz would blow the fuse
  • Bug fix: back panel had no rack rails


Product Manual



Released: 2017-07-17
Version: 1.1.1