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PSYH - Kick Bass Commander

Kick Bass Commander


  • • Kick/Bass Pattern Sequencer
  • • CV Pulse Control IN/OUT
  • • Beat-Repeater

Kick Bass Commander is generaly designed around the well known Kick-Bass-Bass-Bass sequence mostly found in Psychedelic Trance.

Its purpose is to sequence your pre-made Kick and Bass samples in your track. With this device you can create a controlled/random path of how the Kick Bass sequence evolves.

It’s a 2-slot sampler. two samples can be loaded in, preferably a Kick and Bass sample which are designed to work together.

It has a 32-step sequencer which can be devided in sections. Those sections can be linked to keys, or triggered by pulses.

It has separate outputs for Kick and Bass so they can be separately processed or sidechained if needed.

Each step has a triple CV-Out setting, which can send a pulse to one of the 32 CV-Outputs on the back. usefull for drums/oneshots or any accents in the sequence.

Built in Beat-Repeater for additional break diversion and this one can also be controlled with CV.

Update 1.0.1
- CV pulse output linked to repeater button.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible