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PunchBDRE Instrument

Bass Drum Synth

Rob Papen

  • • The electronic bass drum synthesizer!

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PunchBD-RE is a versatile and easy to use bass drum synthesizer for your Reason Rack. With PunchBD-RE you get two modelled synthesizer drum modules, a click/noise module and a sample module to help you shape the main beat for your productions. From Dance and electronic and Hiphop to soundtrack. PunchBD-RE has it covered.

With further filters, envelopes, modulation routings and CV on the back you can take your bass drum sounds one step further to provide a solid sound to your productions. The bass drum is an essential part of building a track and this is where PunchBD-RE will deliver!

Product details

Download PDF UserGuide here

Model-1 and Model-2 are two different synthesizer BD models which are already each in their own way powerful. Additionally we have added a ‘click/noise’ module for adding clicks based on a sinus waveform or by using noise. But also as a room sound, using pink noise the ‘click/noise’ part is awesome. With spread and offset you can create a very nice stereo room/noise effect to the BD sound.

The sample module includes sample based bass drums and fx sounds on board. But there the sound only starts. Many features are inside the sample module, to help you to modify the samples in a creative way. Of course, you can stack the sample module with another module, to create new BD sounds.

These models or sound sources come together inside the mixer and there it is also possible to send them first into the distortion module with 19 distortion algorithms. For general modulation we also added a free Envelope, LFO and a modulation matrix; for instance if you like to use the CV input to one of the many parameters. Finally, we added an analog modelled filter which can alter the total sound thats routed out of the mixer.

Last but not least, you can have PunchBD-RE playing at a fixed pitch, or play it ‘tuned’ over the whole keyboard range, which is popular among various music styles. And…...Flip the Rack around and you will also find PunchBD-RE has also a back panel with CV inputs and gate trigger options, separate audio outputs and so on….. So yes... Punch’s Bass Drum module is now in your Reason Rack!

Latest Version 1.0.3 - fixed problem with envelope modulation of LFO - fixed problem with softlimit distortion only being mono - fixed problem with velocity modulation - fixed problem with CPU spike on loading songs.



Released: 2015-06-01
Version: 1.0.3