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ReArranger CV Randomizer

Note / Gate utility


  • • Create your own multi sampled instruments
  • • Controlled randomization with value displays
  • • Responds to MIDI and CV input

Audio examples

This version replaces all previous versions of the ReArranger. If you are the owner of a version prior to 2.0.0 please send an email to and claim your free update

The ReArranger CV Randomizer is a Rack Extension Utility for Reason.

It tests whether Note and/or Gate input (CV and/or MIDI) is in range and above threshold. If so, it applies changes to the input values and outputs those values at CV Out 1. If not, the input is sent unaltered to CV Out 2.

The operation of the device can be interpreted as an if-then-else statement made in programmers code.

Great for manipulating CV and MIDI in a controlled manner, even randomization!

Now with ‘Hold Values’ functionality thanks to user input (special thanks to Teflon Tomb).

(Also) created for use in conjunction with the NN-XT Sampler for randomly triggering multi-layered - multi mic’d samples.
When these samples are recordings of the same tone (or hit) they can be triggered by MIDI or CV resulting in just a slightly different sound.
For example, when recording 20 hits of a metal stick hitting a metal bell, each recording sounds just a bit different because you never hit it at the same place twice.
These recordings can be imported in the NN-XT Sampler and automatically inserted into zones with corresponding MIDI notes.
When you trigger a MIDI note on your controller (or with a sequencer / CV) the ReArranger can pick a different sample (multi-mic’d) every time.
Resulting in a very natural played note.
The samples in a NN-XT can also be tuned, so missing notes of a hang or xylophone for example can be added by copying notes and changing the pitch.
And of course you can mix in more bottom end or top mic, pan the stereo overhead mics, add effects, … (you decide).

Audio Examples info:

  • Simple Bell Example: In the beginning only 1 sample is being triggered, then the ReArranger is set to a larger range, so you can hear the difference (2 mics stereo pair).

  • Hang_Frans_MPD226_2: Hang played by my friend Frans, each spot/note recorded about 20 times with 4 mics (top/bottom/stereo pair) and triggered with an AKAI MPD226 (touch sensitive). You can hear I do not play with a metronome, but even hang creators/builders thought this was just a normal recording.

  • Hang_Frans_MPD226_1: Same as Hang_Frans_MPD226_2, but recorded the notes, quantized and looped them. Then overdubbed without quantizing for more natural feel. Seems like two people are playing.

  • ReArranger African Ensemble 01 + 02: 1 solo + 2 accompany djembes (bass/tone/slap recorded separately (4 mics top/bottom/stereo pair)) + 3 bass drums (doun doun/sangban/kenkeni (2 mics top/bottom) with 3 bells (2 mics stereo pair) form a modern African ensemble. Rhythms are played with the Drum Sequencer Player. The djembe solo is played with a touch sensitive Launchpad Pro.

  • Xylophone Joris ReArranger CV Randomizer Test 1 + 2: Wooden xylophone of my friend Joris, 2 pentatonic octaves, missing chromatic notes added by copying and re-tuning with the NN-XTs pitch functions to become a 49 notes instrument. Apart from the basic Dr. Octorex bongos, drum kit and tambourine and synth sounds all the notes (also the very low ones) are ReArranged xylophone notes. (2 mics stereo pair).

  • CW_Remove_Mud + Lekkel: Standard Dr.OctoRex drum kit loop with ReArranged djembe and 4 different ReArranged claves (2 mics stereo pair) that play together in 6/8 with added live played saxophone and a small conga like drum.

  • 15 again: ReArranged djembes, claves and bell with Superior Drummer drum kit. Whole rhythm is in 15/16 except for the bell that plays 16/16 -> 4/4.

Have fun!

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible