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ReTrigger Gated CV Manipulator

CV Utility


  • • Apply CV changes, without drawing any automation
  • • On every Gate CV or MIDI change
  • • To any parameter of any device in the Reason Rack

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The Retrigger Gated CV Manipulator is a Rack Extension Utility for Reason. It’s designed to apply CV changes, without drawing any automation, on every incoming Gate CV or MIDI change to any parameter of any device in the Reason Rack that accepts CV altering.

It's great to make an audio source pan a little left and right to give it some dynamics. Or changes the EQ on a bass drum so it gets a natural feel. Or play a synth and with every keystroke change the ... and/or ...

The possibilities are endless. Let your imagination take you to new sounds never made before!

Product details

  • 8 Columns by 4 Groups is 32 CV manipulation possibilities
  • External and Internal patching makes it possible to for even more Groups to act on CV changes
  • Input Selector per Column (CV + MIDI, CV Only, MIDI Only, BLOCK)
  • Test Buttons let you define the borders of the CV changes
  • Colored LEDs indicate activity and cable connection established
  • All CV Input and Output Jacks are located exactly behind the corresponding Front Panel Displays, so when you hold the cursor on a display you want to connect and you hit ‘TAB’ to flip the rack, your cursor is directly located in the right spot
  • Everything can be labeled to keep things tidy, labels stay in place when you flip the rack
  • Fully Automatable
  • Fully Remoteable


Product Manual



Released: 2020-03-20
Version: 1.0.3