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ReBass Narrow

Convolution Equalizer

Numerical Sound

  • • Adds bass to audio or synth track
  • • Nothing sonically like it
  • • Transparent & Neutral sounding

Audio examples

Numerical Sound releases the ReBass Narrow Rack Extension to unleash the bass in your tracks and recordings. ReBass uses convolution to target bass frequencies with extreme precision, emphasizing just a perfect fifth while leaving the surrounding material untouched. This means no messing around with endless sweeping and tweaking - just target the range you want from C0-G0 (31-46Hz) to B3-F#4 (233-394Hz) by picking one of the 36 impulses. Each impulse is one semitone higher than the last, so you don’t have to think like an engineer to get a great sound - it’s quick, clear and free of the
phasing artifacts and imprecisions EQ can introduce.
24 combinator patches to test ReBass Narrow is available. The download link is

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible