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Relight Harmonic Exciter

Add some shine

Vibe Plant

  • • Glitter on vocals and guitars
  • • Clarity and exciting highs on masters

Audio examples

If you're looking for a way to expand that treble by actually bringing some new harmonic content, then look no further. The Relight Harmonic Exciter adds warmth, glitter and sparkle that make your tops all lush. Use it to bring clarity to muffled recordings, to add that expensive shine to an acoustic guitar, or just as a subtle master effect to make your top frequencies more, well... exciting!

Innovation and legacy Building on both old and new, the Vibe Plant Relight Harmonic Exciter brings not only remodeled circuitry from the original hardware, but also a more subtle, bright tube emulation.

Easy With a super simple user interface, just dial in the amount of Shine and Glitter you want, and you're set. Optionally play with contour to trim your frequencies right. Or, play with it for more subtle frequency sweep type of creative effects.

1.0.1: Bug fix: Bypass buttons always works now in folded state

Product details

Three dials:

Shine Add warmth processing to your treble, modeled after the non-linearities of tube amplifiers. 0% = nothing mixed in. 100% = very strong effect mixed in.

Glitter Add harmonic content in a way that builds on how the original hardware worked. We let you go pretty far in dialing in much of these tops. Go carefully or full blast for more creative use.

Contour Contour affects the frequency bands on which Glitter and Shine operate. Note that Shine has a built-in lower threshold that works lower down than the Glitter effect.

Have fun!



Released: 2015-05-18
Version: 1.0.1