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Blamsoft, Inc.

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Resampler is a unique Rack Extension providing aliasing distortion and quantization, commonly referred to as "bit crushing".

It's great for talking basses, authentic chiptune sounds, and all sorts of digital mayhem.

12 algorithms are available for resampling as well as 12 for quantization, plus volume and pitch envelopes, for a wide variety of digital distortion.

Product details

Resampler goes beyond the typical fixed rate resampler and simplistic quantizer found in most bit crushers, providing flexible algorithms used in modern DSP applications. All knobs are continuously variable allowing you to dial in the perfect setting. Pitch and volume envelopes are available to add character and variability to the sound. All parameters of Resampler can be controlled by automation and the three main knobs are controllable with CV.

Try using the F-16 filter in combination with Resampler. Use your favorite LFO to modulate the sample rate or bit depth by CV. Resampler is a very flexible bit crusher that covers all the bases, making it the only one you need to buy.

New in version 1.1.1: - Downsampler settings now offer more variety. Classic settings now provide less aliasing with higher numbers. Use Classic-1 for any previous Classic setting. Modern settings provide more aliasing with lower number. Use Modern-6 for any previous Modern setting. - Silence detection fix to prevent clicks



Released: 2014-02-19
Version: 1.1.1