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Rumble K2 Builder

Rumble K2 Builder

Oenkenstein Audio

  • • 96 Kawai K1 instrument patches (ROM Pack A).
  • • Mimics the OS of a Kawai K1.
  • • 120 Signature patches.

Audio examples

Rumble K II Builder is a digital wavetable synthesizer and is an emulation of an additive wavetable Kawai K1 digital synthesizer from 1985. This Rack Extension mimics the operation system and the naming conventions on a Kawai.

Included are 256 waveforms, 96 single and multi instrument patches from the Kawai K1 ROM pack A and 120 signature patches, made by 4 skilled sound designers.

This version of the Rumble K series comes with Sine, Saw and Square oscillators, a Shaper, an Amp Envelope section with DAHDSR controls, Vibrato or LFO, Auto Bend and Aftertouch, Pitch Wheel, Low Pass Filter and Frequency panels, 7 effects devices and 7 modulation matrixes with in total 13 slots.

This device is for everyone who wants to:
- Have a collection of the original instrument patches of the Kawai K1.
- Transfer sounds from the Kawai K1 and build patches for use in Reason.
- Have a lofi 8 bit character synthesizer as an addition and counterpart of synthesizers with very clean oscillators.
- Make lofi sounds or instruments for use in genres like hip hop, but also wants to use emulations of classic sounds like the Roland TB 303 bass synthesizer, the raving Roland Alpha Juno Hoover instrument and the Roland JP 8000 trance Super Saw sound.

Rumble K II Builder uses additive wavetable synthesis to generate sounds. The additive synthesis is based on a Wave oscillator using waveforms, just one of the in total 4 oscillators that can be introduced in the sound at various times, levels and durations. The sonic results of additive synthesis can vary dramatically; from standard analog type of synthesizer sounds, via emulations of existing instruments¬, to extremely complex and animated timbres. The other 3 oscillators are Sine, Saw and Square wave based oscillators and are mixed with the Wave oscillator. The Sine Oscillator features Amplitude Modulation (AM) and modulates the Wave oscillator.

The Rumble K series derives its name from the legendary guitar 101 hero and inventor of the power chord: Link Wray, who used to poke a pencil in an amplifier speaker to get a gritty, distorted sound.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible