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SADIST Saturation Distortion

SADIST Multi-Effect

Ekssperimental Sounds

  • • 20 Unique Modules
  • • In/Out Metering
  • • Output Limiter

Audio examples

SADIST Saturation/Distortion is a multi effectbox that comes with 20 unique modules arranged in 4 categories: Saturation, Compression, Amp/FX and Drive.
Each category has a CV duty bypass state where the signal Level and Pan can be animated via CV. This makes a total of 1296 different combinations of modules including the bypass mode!

SADIST Saturation/Distortion is great for adding warmth, grit, colorizing and mangling your sounds. With it’s many modules and the compact format with patch saving for your favorite combinations it’s a great addition to the toolbox for your sound design!

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible